Thursday, August 02, 2007

Cabo San Lucas

As usual its been awhile since the last blog. I've been waiting for my comments section to get up to 100 like desi and josh promised but... well, it didn't happen. I don't know who I'm more disappointed in: desi and josh or a society that would produce such incompetence. I mean seriously, is it that hard to post a hundred comments? Anyway, in spite of their laziness I've decided to post some more pics. Maybe this time they'll get off their butts and take it a little more seriously... we shall see.

It has been very busy the last few months. Alot of work as usual, but also alot of fun things too. Here are a few recent random pics with explanations:

In June, Lauren went to a resort in Cabo San Lucas (that's in Mexico, Aaron. You should know that) with her family. I flew down and surprised her.

This is the creepiest thing in the world. It's a paper mache statue with REAL HUMAN HAIR! Gross.

Todos Santos

This is called the Sky Pool. It sits high above the resort. Sorry for the blur, I didn't have a tripod. I'm sure desi will have something to say about it...

We went fishing one day. Lauren caught a Dorado while I kept myself busy vomiting.

Ok, as usual this is taking me forever and I need to go into work soon. I'll just end here and this will be a Cabo specific blog.
Next time will have more random pics.