Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Propsal 8/15/07

Ok, I've had a few requests for pics from The Proposal so here they are:
Basically the gist of the day was that I sent her on a mini scavenger hunt that ended at the training tower (i know, hopeless romantic). She was surprised at the beginning since I told her we had no plans for the day. But I'm pretty sure that after I gave her a secret envelope and ran out the house she had a good idea of what was going on. Anyway, the ultimate goal was to get her to the training tower in San Marcos where I would use the 100' aerial ladder on Truck 1471 to climb to her. I know it's fire-geeky but I wanted it to be unique and surprising and i figured how many people have access to a fire truck?

We have pictures from the both of us because she is a smart girl and took her camera.

I needed a head start so I could get down to San Marcos in time.

One of her clues was at a dentist office in Escondido (don't ask why a dentist office). The ladies in the office insisted on taking her picture. Not just with her camera but with their camera too. They told her they would hang it in the office. Weird.

The guys waiting for her to arrive. Originally the plan was to have Truck 1471, Engine 1411, Medics 1491 and 1496, and Chief 1403 all parade in code 3 lights and sirens and circle the tower where she was standing. Unfortunately, the moment she pulled in everyone except the truck went out on responses.

Her final clue was at the indoor rock climbing place. She had to climb up a boulder to retrieve the clue. She likes that kind of stuff. All outdoorsy and what not... From there she drove to the training tower where I was waiting.

Bill escorts her to the top of the tower.

I roll in on the truck (the lights and siren are on)

I think the rest is pretty self-explanatory.

Thank you again to all the guys for taking time out their day.

Oh yeah, she said YES!!!


Blogger Starrs In Denver said...

Oh thank you Tim!

The photo essay is great :) I am so happy for you and Lauren and looking forward to the big day. I think you both are so wonderful for each other and I pray that you enjoy the craziness of planning a's so wonderful to be married to your best friend. What a gift from GOD!

3:17 PM  
Blogger kolorado said...

Tim, pretty good idea with the firetruck and tower climbing. I think my proposal to Lori was way better though. We drove down to the beach to watch the sunset, and when the right moment arrived I pulled the box out of my pocket, opened it up to find that it was empty. Somehow I lost the ring. Never found it.
It was really great, Lori was so surprised

3:50 PM  
Anonymous Toni in the Midst said...

What a precious post. Shuffled over from Rose's blog. CONGRATS!
One of my dearest friends (and a reader of my blog) is a firefighter, btw.

9:42 PM  
Blogger beckwanda said...

Tim that was awesome! Great job w/ the prop. Congrats on the impending doom- I mean nuptials. Did I spell that correctly? Probably not. That was the best proposal I have ever seen except my own. When Todd proposed to me. He got down on both knees. Actually, it was the best next to when Todd proposed to me and then next to when Desi proposed to me. But he just proposed to me that day because it was a slow week and I didn't get a proposal that week. It was awfully nice of him and very funny. So your proposal ranks 3rd on my particular list, which is saying a lot since I have been proposed to a lot. Just ask Desi. Seriously, though, marriage is an amazing adventure and I will be praying for you guys.

11:54 PM  
Blogger McNeill Family said...

Wow idon't even know you guys and think that was pretty amazing! (I linked from Rose's blog---big surprise)! Congratulations! It is really the GREATEST adventure you will ever have!

6:34 AM  
Blogger Paul & Kameron Morton said...

Hey Tim,
Congratulations to both you and Lauren! What a creative proposal and I love the look on Lauren's face- so glad someone captured that in a picture. Priceless. I regret not having any pics from when Paul & I got engaged, but enough about me. We will be praying for you both during the next few months (we got married in 3 months too and it was pretty crazy, but good crazy) and praying that God will bless you both with peace and joy!

9:26 AM  
Blogger Melissa said...

Congratulations Tim!!! and great job, Troy (my husband who also is a firefighter) will be impressed with the use of the ladder as part of the proposal.

11:11 AM  
Blogger Starrs In Denver said...

tim and lauren,
you definitely need to consider some form of sword fighting to the death as a part of your wedding. it's really chivalrous.

9:49 AM  
Blogger Lauren said...

believe me, i have considered the swordfight scenario. unfortunately she gave a thumbs down and said any more talk of such things would result in "consequences". thanks alot for bringing it up jerk...

12:59 PM  
Blogger they call me... tim said...

that last comment was made by tim

10:51 PM  
Blogger Calles Family said...

Well crap my briches, call in the dogs and put out the fire, we got a weddin'!

9:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah!!!!!! I am so exited for you both. Love D-W (you have got to know who this is Tim the whole D-W should give it away

3:45 PM  
Blogger Starrs In Denver said...

"crap my britches".....are you telling us that you did crap your britches or inviting someone else to crap your britches? it sounds like the latter which just doesn't sound practical or comfortable.

12:33 AM  
Blogger Kelley D said...

Hey Tim, it's Kelley. I have been meaning to says congratulations but I did not know how to get a hold of you. I found out that you had a page through Desi and Rose's page. I am really happy for you guys, I really do think you two are perfect. Would love to see you sometime, I think the last time we all hung out was before I had my kiddos. Samuel is 2 already and Peyton is 7 months. They are the coolest. I hope to get together with Des and Rose and their kids when they are out in November too. Anyways, I really couldn't be happier for you and Lauren.


2:07 PM  
Blogger Kim said...


You are quite the romantic. I am very impressed. Looking forward to seeing you guys soon at the wedding.
May the Lord bless you these next few weeks.


PS. The ring is beautiful too!

4:55 PM  
Blogger Rose Starr said...

I'm tired of this post. Do you have any new material now that you've been married for a few months?

10:30 AM  
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Blogger Shannon said...

Oh my word TIM!!! You actually are in league with one of us women! Its Shannon Stearns... Now Benavidez. I am so happy you are doing well Mr. Fireman. Your fiance is gorgeous. And such an amazing proposal. :)

12:44 AM  
Blogger kolorado said...


1:59 PM  
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